In the country of Easifa (storm), there’s a tale of a peaceful town that worshipped a fire bird as their goddess. Thanks to their worship, the goddess bestowed the power of flames upon their bloodline. The elder of this town knew that the royal families would not approve of this revelation and implored his citizens to keep it a secret. But the younger generation disagreed, it’s not like they were doing anything wrong with these powers. They could protect Easifa from foreign threats. The elder was right and the royal families were afraid of these powers. The country was a place of mysticism but never have they ever been able to use the powers of a goddess.  What if one of these citizen defect and an enemy country obtains these powers? 

The royal families sent thousands upon thousands of soldiers to this city to slaughter all of its residents. The goddess, distraught by the death of her followers blamed herself for bestowing them these powers, went into a state of depression and disappeared. The royal families proclaimed that should any survive resident of this town be discovered, they will be labeled children of evil and slaughtered.

300 years later and easifa is now a country with immense wealth and riches but looks to make up for their sins of the past. Unfortunately they are plagued by Creatures such as jinn (ghosts) and Raeb (blood suckers). A young farm hand named Cain discovers that he can summon the Phoenix Goddess Fire. Cain becoming curious about his past starts looking for answers when a near death experience causes him to meet the goddess herself Homura. She asks him to find her destroyed home and return her spirit to her temple. After some reluctance, he accepts. He journeys throughout Easifa with his Best friend and jinn hunter in training Dalia (A charming girl with a hidden bloodlust), her tiger cub pet Amyr and a man who says he collects souls named Mahaz. His powers capture the attention of the Militia. Who send two of his old friends, Lt. Rekka and his younger sister Rubina… (the also have a pet lemur named Sparx)  who are determined to figure out of their old friend is a danger or a hero to Easifa that they were looking for. Along the journey the Trio will learn secrets about the country, becoming stronger as individuals and maybe even save Easifa from its misfortune on the way.

Main Characters

Cain Ishihara – Was a farm hand who discovered he had the ability to summon fire. Formally gave up during the middle of Militia physical. While he is a passive individual looking to do right he can get selfish and stubborn when his curiosity takes over. While he is looking to get Homura’s spirit home, his interest in his home hometown takes president. He has blond hair that reaches the back of his neck and long bangs that fall in front of his face; black eyes. Average height but slim fit build. Long black boots, White linen pants. Black male Kimono flaming cloud design top with red edges. He has a red katana that’s sheathed in a red scabbard that has the same flaming clouds on it.

Magic Focus: Flame

Dalia Volkov – a Jinn Hunter (in training). Cain’s best friend and self professed “wing man”. A bubbly optimistic that also has a darker side when she gets into battle. She put her jinn hunter training to the side in order to journey with Cain. Very long Auburn hair kept in a long long tail to the side; Blue eyes. Tall, slightly shorter than Cain. Well endowed but fit figure. Brown boots, cream color harem pants. Cream colored sleeveless blouse with brown leather corset. White bangle wrapped wrist bands. Two scimitars with black hilts and white scabbards with black flowers that rest on her lower back.

Magic Focus: Spiritual/Split Mind

Amyr the tiger – Dalia’s pet sabertooth tiger cub. Always by her side. With the power transfer magic, he can turn into an adult and assist in battle. As a baby he has light orange fur and black stripes. Also a noticeable scar on his forehead. As an adult he tripled in size and gets two extra curved tusk fangs.

Magic Focus: Transfer

Mahaz Abad -A Traveling mercenary, Mahaz has seen some shit. Despite his appearance, mahaz is a chill dude that always plans ahead. He got the nickname Soul Taker From being accused of a massive murdering spree. long messy black hair, black bandanna on his head with red swirl designs, brown eyes. Very tall, muscular individual with light brown skin. Black heavy flip flop sandals, red sirwal pants, a sleeveless collared black vest with red swirl designs and red bracelet. He has a long black pole staff. With blood magic it becomes a scythe.

Magic Focus: Repulsion/Blood

Homura the Goddess – the phoenix goddess herself. She yearns to return to her home and task Cain to do so whom she met when he nearly died. Homura is elegant and kind but as a goddess has a slight temper. Especially when Cain ignores her. She has saidto have feelings for Cain to Dalia but doesn’t pursue because she’s a goddess. She’s a giant flaming firebird. Her humanoid appearance has long red hair that reaches her back, red eyes and a golden headband. She is curvaceous and beautiful. But wears a large white kimono with red flames on it.

Magic Focus: Flame/Healing 

Rubina Nazar – a low ranking captain of the Easifa militia, Rubi as her friends call her, is stoic and calm on the outside but is actually kind and sweet. A brilliant fighter, she is known as the piercer thanks to her rapier. Cain and her have had an intimate relationship in the past. She had short black hair in a bob cut and emerald eyes. A fit figure with ample curves. The Easifa uniform is simple blue getup. As a captain she has two stars on the right breast pocket of her uniform. Casually, she usually wears beige bootcut pants and pink medieval style blouse with black boots. She has a blue hilted rapier with a handguard that extends past the hilt. She also has a silver revolver with her at all times.

Magic Focus: Boost step

Lt. Rekka Nazar – the newest lieutenant of Easifa militia and the older brother of Rubi. Rekka is still getting accustomed to the responsibilities that fall on his shoulders. Rekka is considered a prodigy but new school ideas cause him to but heads with the general constantly. Rekka is hot tempered but cunning. His previous nickname given to him by Cain was Buckshot cause of his obsession with guns. He has short black hair but also a mullet in the back and emerald eyes. A y’all individual, He wears a similar uniform to Rubi but it has 3 stars in the breast pocket and red line going down the left arm. Casually he wears black boots. Brown straight pants and a white shirt. He always has two sawed off shotguns on him. Tends to carry a rifle and combat knife on him too.

Magic Focus: Ice/wind

Sparx the lemur – Sparx is the nazar family pet and sidekick. Usually seen resting on Rekka’s shoulder. Sparx is protective of his family and will jump at anything that hurt Rekka and Rubi. He has white fur and a patch of red fur in the shape of a triangle on his chest. 

Magic Focus: Boost step

Akeem Chai – Rekka’s right hand man. He’s not the brightest but excitable and always looking to prove his strength. Akeem is a rarity in the militia as he prefers to use his fist, feet and magic to fight instead of an abundance of weapons. He is also the estranged son of Dr Chao Xhen but only Rekka and Rubi know that. His hair is a brown quiff that almost goes into pompadour territory. Blue eyes, blackrim glasses. He is fit and thick. There is only one star on his uniform pocket because he is yet to be a captain. Casually he wears blue ripped harem pants and a black shirt. He usually is not wearing shoes. 

Magic Focus: Equivalent Dmage

Dr. Chao Xhen – the traveling Doctor of Easifa. The Doc can be found in his giant carriage working on his potions and tending to all the citizens, mostly the militia. Even then he can be found once in a while in his 3 offices. But the chances of you being there on a day he is quite rare. The Doc is called mad by the people, some wonder if he actually studied but none can argue he gives results. The older man has wild grey hair that is never combed and blue eyes. He has a rough beard and moustache and enjoyed the feeling of scratching it. Normally he’s wearing brown overalls and boots with a gray shirt and sometimes a white coat but honestly he usually just throws stuff together. Chao is always flipping a quarter. He enjoys the sound. 

Magic Focus: Luck

Tae Kagawa – the quiet, almost antisocial assistant of Doctor Chao. Tae was sold to the black market as a young child but saved by the Doctor. He’s one of the people she genuinely cares for, calling him father. Although he doesn’t want her to call him that. She is the person usually managing his schedule and getting him to places when someone actually needs help. She has blue dyed hair with bangs that falls long on the right side of her face and brown eyes. She has a petite frame and tends to wear a white or black dress. 

Magic Focus: Study Eye

General Mashru Rafiq – the commander general of the Easifa militia. He’s in the twilight of his career much to his own dismay. He’s not a fan of the changes that Easifa is going through and butts heads with Rekka because of it. His goal is ultimately eliminate all the creatures infesting Easifa. One way or another. He is an older man with slick bald white hair, yellow eyes and a very long beard. His uniform is black and has 5 stars on the breast pocket. He always carries 6 revolvers in his jacket and a long scimitar at his waste.

Magic Focus: Earth 


Lucian Alexander – the 499th King of the Raebs. He is a legendary hero to his people after defeating and exterminating the Raebs long rival species the Mayit (dead walkers) in his youth. Lucian is a terrifying and ruthless individual but also is clinically depressed in his age. Looking for the last bit of excitement in his life, he seeks to plunge his home country of Easifa into an all lit war with the humans. Once the creatures rule the country, he will step down and name his son Stefan as the 500th king. Lucian is very secretive, it is said those who stumble into his castle without invitation is never heard from again. He is a tall man with long flowing black hair and red highlights. Goatee and handlebar mustache. His left eye is white, right is red. Fangs and three scars on his cheek. He wears a suit with black, white and red colors. And white handkerchief in his breast pocket. He carries a stylized sword with a red hilt, gold handguard and broad black blade. 

Magic Focus: Varied/Blood

Ramona Alexander – the wife of Lucian and current Queen of Raebs. She is a born succubus but became half raeb after her passionate relationship with Lucian. Ramona is a yandere…  madly in love with Lucian to this day and will do anything to seek his attention. In his depressed state he tends to ignore her which leads her to scheming up ways to catch his eye, even staging an affair in front of him. Some say she is more ruthless than Lucian, desmating any woman who looks at him lustfully. Ramona is also protective of her son who she deems will be a greater king then her husband. Ramona is beautiful, curvaceous and thanks to having a mix of succubus and raeb blood, youthful looking. She has long purple hair that reaches her calves; a bang always covers her left eye (which are both dark blue). Her fangs are smaller than most. She wears a long black dress with red on the end and white flowers covering the dress. Black heels as well. 

Magic Focus: Arousal/Blood

Stefan Alexander – prince of the Raebs, he is half raeb and half incubus. Stefan can’t wait to be king. He’s brash, arrogant, a playboy and smart. Even though he has so much respect for his parents, he is aware that soon they will have to settle down or die in battle. Stefan always is at the front lines looking for a fight. Much like his parents, he is easily bored. His solution is to go out to the human world, have some fun and cause destruction. Some feel that half raeb should not be king, he always changes that person’s mind by leaving them close to deaths door. He has short black hair and purple highlights, two red eyes and small fangs like his mother. He wears a white medieval style dress shirt, black shoes and black pants. He has a sword similar to his father but also has a scimitar with a broken blade which he uses to toy with weaker opponents. 

Magic Focus: Arousal/Blood/Ice

Rosawld Rosario Rodini – the mad clown, Roswald has a strange connection to Jinn. Jinn normally have no ruler and tend to run on instinct, but roswald can manipulate them, making him a huge asset to Lucian. No one is sure if he’s a jinn himself, raeb, or even human. While he is an ally to Lucian, he prefers to be called a subordinate. Never taking credit for large scale plans. Roswald is a master of disguise and violent jokester. Always looking to see if anyone can handle his madness. He is a skinny man with messy green hair and yellow eyes. He has clown makeup, white painted face, red x’s across his eyes and a red lines along his mouth that make it look stitched up. He wears candy cane looking pants, white with red stripes. Magician shoes. White shirt, blue vest and red jacket. He also carries Bayard model hand gun on him.

Magic Focus: Transfer/Luck/Study Eye

Dizarah – She is the last of the Mayit. Once a slave to the Mayit king, She is now Lucians vanguard captain. She is entrusted with protecting the prince much to her dismay as he tends to prefer to wander alone. Dizarah enjoys killing humans because they were the ones who created and became the Mayit. Her own people who tortured her before Lucian saved her. She is tall but skinny girl with short black hair and  red eyes. 90 percent of her body is wrapped in bandages, including her face, leveling only her hair, eyes and mouth free. The bandages tend to hang off her body and can extend and be controlled by her. She doesn’t wear anything over her bandages at the top but wears a blue ripped skirt and black boots. 

Magic Focus: Undead/Repulsion

Xavier Scalebound – the lizard man and leader of Lucian’s Sahalia (lizard people) army. They are the most defensive specialist species in all of Easifa. Lucian recruited there people who were being oppressed by the Mayit and fed to Jinn. Xavier is cunning milterist. He almost never has to jump into battle as his planning and strategies of his army overwhelm his opponents. Xavier personally trained Dizarah in combat and oversees the protection of Prince Stefan. His body is covered in red scales. His stomach has some missing in an x shape which is said to be a scar that Stefan gave him. He has wild red hair flowing from his head and messy short black cloth pants. His weapons of choice are a battle axe, mace and curved scimitar. 

Magic Focus: Water/Lightning